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Custom hosted pages are completely customizable and within your control. In Klaviyo, these pages specifically pertain to your custom hosted subscribe and manage preference pages, where customers update their consent status, contact information, communication preferences, and more. In this article, you will learn more about hosted pages in Klaviyo.

Note that only paid accounts that have passed account verification have the ability to enable custom hosted pages.

Hosted Pages

Hosted pages give you the flexibility to create custom subscribe and manage preference pages that feel more “on-brand,” aligning your Klaviyo-hosted pages to your website design. With more flexibility also comes more sophisticated forms. When coding your forms, you can collect extensive information about your subscribers for segmenting and targeting purposes.

Custom hosted pages must be built using HTML and CSS. Only attempt to custom code your unsubscribe or manage preference pages if you are code-savvy or have a developer on your team. Klaviyo does not currently offer services to help build out custom code, nor do we provide support for custom code troubleshooting.

To access and enable hosted pages, navigate to the account dropdown in the upper right and select Account. Then, click the Domains and Hosting tab. In this tab, you can enable custom hosted pages.


For guidance on how to customize these pages, head to our article, How to Custom Code an Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences Page. You will then be able to select your hosted pages in each list’s subscribe pages and in your account’s Preference Pages tab.

Note that emails not sent to a single list (e.g., metric-triggered flow emails or campaigns sent to a segment) will use your custom hosted preference pages, whereas emails sent to a list will use that specific list’s opt-in pages. Make sure to configure your list’s preference pages to replace any defaults with your new custom hosted pages if you want these changes reflected across your account.

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