Getting Started Handbook

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New to Klaviyo and not sure where to get started? We've compiled all of our getting started guides to get you up and running as fast as possible with Klaviyo. Before you start:

This handbook contains:

  • Guide to Your First Send - An overview that'll take you from a brand new account to your first send.
  • Guide to Creating a Signup Form - Signup forms can be used for a myriad of purposes -- to have customers signup for your newsletter, to alert them about a deal, to gather more information about their preferences, etc. Use this guide to build out the signup forms that'll best serve your business.
  • Guide to Email Design - Sending a well-designed email is essential for building your brand. This guide will walk you through how to build emails that look great and convert.
  • Flow Guides
    • Guide to Creating a Welcome Series - Your welcome series is one of the most important touchpoints you'll have with your customers. Learn how to capitalize on this crucial time in building customer loyalty in this guide.
    • Guide to Creating an Abandoned Cart Flow - Abandoned cart emails are one of the most lucrative for any ecommerce business. Get set up for success with our guide.
    • Guide to Creating a Post Purchase Flow - After someone makes a purchase, it's important to capitalize on the event to turn a one time shopper to a loyal customer. Our guide will run you through the tips and tricks to building out your ideal post purchase flow.
  • Guide to Creating Segments - Segmentation is crucial to ensure you're sending personalized messages that convert. Learn all the basics about segmentation and get some inspiration for building out segments in your account.
  • Guide to Developing a Content Calendar - Developing a content calendar is important so you know how to choose what to send and when. Get step-by-step help in planning out your campaign sends to maximize your marketing efforts and to get the right message to the right people.

If you run into any issues with building out your account in Klaviyo beyond the scope of the help center, feel free to reach out to support.


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