How to insert a your company name and address to an email footer

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Learn how to use Klaviyo's company-specific template tags to add your company's name and address to the footer of your emails. If you ever update your company name or address in your account settings, those updates will be reflected in any messages using these tags. 

Set your company information

  1. Click you brand/company name in the bottom-left corner of Klaviyo 
  2. Click My profile
  3. Beneath Contact Information, click Organization
    • This option appears only for account Owners and Admins
  4. Complete or update all fields, then click Update Information

Add company information to an email template

Copy the following tags into a text block in your email template to automatically populate your company information: 

  • Company Name: {{ }}
  • Address: {{ organization.full_address }}

Learn about additional company variable tags available to use in your messages.  

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