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Learn how to create and customize a subscribe page that also serves as a landing page, so that your customers can easily subscribe to hear more from your brand.

Find your subscribe page

When you create a list, each list will use your account's default subscribe page, which you can customize and style to give your customers a consistent, on-brand experience.

To find your default subscribe page:

  1. Click on your Account tab in the bottom left corner of the main menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Email Preference & Subscription from the top.
  4. Under Subscribe page, click Edit Page to enter the editor.

If you customized a set of consent pages for a specific list, or you would like to, navigate to that list's unique subscribe page:

  1. Select the Lists & Segments tab.
  2. Choose your list.
  3. Select Subscribe & Preference Pages from the top.
  4. Click Customize for this List (if you haven't yet customized any of this list's consent pages).
  5. Below Subscribe Page, click Edit Page to enter the editor.

Style and add fields to a subscribe page

In the editor you have various options for customizing your subscribe page's style and content. You can edit the page's style settings, change any default text, and also add blocks or input fields to collect more information from your customers. Head to our guide on how to use consent pages for more detail on the editor.

You can collect phone numbers and SMS consent via a phone number input block in your subscribe page to build your SMS audience.

the add blocks section of the editor showing your options for blocks and input fields to add to your form

If you add an input field, you can also add a profile property from the dropdown menu that will add personal information to someone's Klaviyo profile. Choose a property from the dropdown menu.

the profile property dropdown menu options from a date field added to the form

If you do not see the property you would like to use, type your own custom property into the Filter box and click Create Property. 

Share your subscribe page URL

Once you're satisfied with the design, you can copy the URL for a list's subscribe page to share in your various marketing campaigns. To find the subscribe page URL:

  1. Navigate to Lists and Segments.
  2. Choose your list.
  3. From the top menu bar, select Sign-up forms.
  4. Here you will see all of your sign-up forms that are connected to this list. Scroll past these to find the list's subscribe page.
    an arrow pointing to a list's subscribe page found in the list's signup forms tab
  5. If your list is using the default consent pages, you'll see a menu reminder that you can customize consent pages for this specific list. Beneath this reminder, click Copy Subscribe Page URL. Alternatively, if you have already customized this list's consent pages, hover over the page name and click Copy URL.
    option to edit page selected from the subscribe page tile in the list's signup form's tab

Recipients who click on this link will be brought to a subscribe page serving as a landing page where they can sign up to hear more from you brand.

You can also retrieve the URL by clicking Edit Page, and copying the subscribe page URL from the Overview menu.

Embed the subscribe page

Using the subscribe page URL, you can also embed this page as a form on your website. Embedded forms are helpful for customers who come to your site with the intention of subscribing. 

To embed this page on your website:

  1. Copy the following snippet of code to your site. For more detail, head to this guide on where to paste the embed code
  2. Replace SUBSCRIBE_URL with the URL for your page.
<iframe id="klaviyo_subscribe_page" src="SUBSCRIBE_URL&embed=1" seamless="seamless" width="100%" scrolling="no" ></iframe> 
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 
<script type="text/javascript">iFrameResize({}, '#klaviyo_subscribe_page');</script>

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