How to Sync Existing Magento Subscribers to a Klaviyo List

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Our Magento 2 integration and our Magento 1 integration documents cover syncing a Magento signup form to a Klaviyo list for any future subscribers. This article covers syncing any existing subscribers to your Klaviyo list.

You can also sync customers at checkout for both email and SMS with Magento 2; however, that is not covered here. 

Syncing Existing Newsletter Subscribers for Magento 2

From your Magento store admin click on Customers > All Customers.

Filter your customers by Newsletter Subscriber and export the list as a CSV file.

From your Klaviyo account, edit and upload your CSV file to the Klaviyo list you want to sync your Magento signup form to.

Syncing Existing Newsletter Subscribers for Magento 1

From your Magento store admin click on Newsletter > Newsletter Subscribers.

Select all your subscribers, set Export to CSV, and click Export. A CSV file containing your existing Magento subscribers will download to your local machine.

From your Klaviyo account, edit and upload your CSV file to the Klaviyo list you want to sync your Magento signup form to.

Once you have your list exported, navigate to the Lists & Segments tab in Klaviyo and click on the list called Newsletter. Within this list, if it's empty, choose the Upload Contacts option to import your CSV file.


If you already have subscribers in this list, click Manage List in the upper right and you'll see these same options for how you can add additional contacts to your list.

Then, you can drag and drop your CSV directly into Klaviyo or select it from your files. Alternatively, you can select Upload via copy/paste instead, and copy and paste your list into Klaviyo.


You will be taken to a page where you will review the data you're importing. Click Subscribe to Email Marketing to indicate that everyone in your file has explicitly consented to receive email from you. Select Import Review.


You will then preview how many columns and new properties will exist in your import. If this information is correct and you are ready to complete the process, select Start Import.


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