How to change the currency for a specific template

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Learn how to update a single email template to use a different currency symbol than your global setting. This will impact product blocks and other elements that dynamically display a product price.

Update currency formatting for a specific template

  1. Open your template's Styles tab.
  2. Choose a new currency symbol from the Currency menu.

New Editor

The currency menu in Klaviyo's new template editor

Classic Editor

The currency menu in Klaviyo's classic template editor

How the default currency setting impacts a template

When you update the currency format on the template level, the display of any values dynamically populated into your template will be updated to reflect the conventions of the new currency:

  • The currency symbol
  • The placement of the currency symbol (i.e., prefix or suffix)
  • The punctuation used in formatting the value (i.e., commas or periods)

This setting overrides the default currency setting in your account, but only for the current template. This is useful if you are segmenting based on geographical region and are targeting your campaign content based on different locations.

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