How to Change the Currency for a Specific Template

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By default, Klaviyo formats all values in an account such that they appear to be in USD ($). If your business operates in British Pounds, for example, you will want to contact customer support so we can update your account's preferred currency display. The same values will populate, but they will display with the proper symbol and formatting. Klaviyo does not automatically convert any currency amounts. 

Klaviyo provides two levels of customization for how values display in your account:

  • In Reports / Dashboards
    If your business operates in a currency other than USD, you can have your account's default currency updated so that values are displayed with the appropriate symbol and punctuation. If you would like to change the default currency prefix in your account, please contact our support team.
  • In Emails, Dynamic Value
    For template blocks that populate dynamically with values — such as a product block, where product recommendations can populate dynamically with price included — values will by default get formatted based on the preferred currency set for your account. You can update this on a template-by-template basis, however, as explained below.

Update Currency Formatting for a Specific Template

You can change the currency display for a specific template by navigating to the Styles section of any template. Here, you will see a Currency Format dropdown.


When you update the currency format on the template level, the display of any values dynamically populated into your template will be updated to reflect the conventions of the new currency:

  • The currency symbol
  • The placement of the currency symbol (i.e. prefix or suffix)
  • The punctuation used in formatting the value (i.e. commas or periods, etc.)


This setting overrides the default currency setting in your account, but only for the current template. This is useful if you are segmenting based on geographical region and are targeting your campaign content based on different locations.

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