Troubleshooting Coupons (for Magento 1x)

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Error Message: “Unable to connect to the REST API with the specified REST credentials. Please check that these credentials are valid in your Magento admin."

If you are seeing this error message in Klaviyo, there are two likely root causes:

  1. Your Magento server is not set up to support HMAC-SHA1 signatures for OAuth authentication.
  2. You may have not enabled full role access for the REST API.

To resolve this issue, enable HMAC-SHA1 signatures for OAuth authentication on your Magento server. Then complete the following steps to update your REST permissions:

  1. Uncomment, or add, the rewrite rule in your .htaccess file. This is the line you’ll want to ensure is un-commented:
    RewriteRule ^api/rest api.php?type=rest [QSA,L]
  2. Double check that your REST Role is setup correctly
    We cover the instructions for this in our guide to setting up coupons for Magento in the section linked here.
  3. Another common cause is that various Apache modules can strip “Authorization: Basic base64 (user:password)” header.
    Check out this post for more information

Coupon codes populated into emails by Klaviyo are not unique -- all recipients appear to be receiving the same code.

When creating a Price Rule in Magento, the option to associate a new Price Rule with a specific coupon should be left set to Specific Coupon and you must have the “Use Auto Generation” checkbox selected.

Click on your Price Rule in Magento, and under General Information, scroll down to the line option "Coupon" and change this setting to "Specific Coupon". Next, check the box for auto generation here. This should fix the issue and allow us to generate a new unique coupon code for each email recipient.

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