How to sync Shopify account registration customers to a list

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Learn how to sync subscribers collected via a Shopify account registration form to a Klaviyo list. If you want to use a Klaviyo form instead, read about getting started with signup forms.

To achieve this goal, you will need to add an Accepts Marketing checkbox to your registration form. 

Before you begin

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If you have not already, read our article Getting started with Shopify for step-by-step instructions on integrating, before continuing with this article.

Make sure that you have chosen a list for email subscribers to be added to in your Shopify integration settings (in Klaviyo, this can be found by clicking your account name, selecting Integrations, then finding Shopify on the list of Enabled Integrations and clicking View Settings). This is the list the account registration customers will be added to, once you add the checkbox to your form. 
Shopify integration settings page in Klaviyo showing settings Sync your Shopify email subscribers to Klaviyo and Select a list, with Newsletter list selected

Enable "Accepts Marketing" on your Shopify registration form

In order to have customers who register for an account on your Shopify site be added to a list within Klaviyo, you will need to add some additional code to your registration form, which can be found in the registration.liquid file (or similar). 

  1. Add the following code to your registration form to add an Accepts Marketing checkbox:
     <div id="accepts_marketing_checkbox">
      <input type="checkbox" name="customer[accepts_marketing]" checked="checked" value="true" id="marketing">
      <label for="marketing">Yes! Sign me up to receive emails about all the latest tots.</label>
  2. You will need to customize the label text with the label you would like to use on your form. 

Customers will have to check this box in order to be added to your list. 

Note that if you have double opt-in enabled in Shopify, the customer will first need to confirm their subscription via Shopify's double opt-in email before being added to the list. If you have double opt-in enabled for the specified list in Klaviyo, the customer will need to confirm their subscription via Klaviyo's double opt-in email before they are added to the list. 

You can test that this process is working by filling out the registration form, checking Accepts Marketing, and then looking to see if your test profile has been added to your selected list.


If you are uncomfortable with editing and adding code, and require developer assistance, we recommend reaching out to a Klaviyo partner agency


You're now syncing Shopify account registration customers to a Klaviyo list. 

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