Klaviyo Ecommerce Onboarding Checklists

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Find below links for Klaviyo’s Onboarding checklists. Select the checklist that corresponds with your Ecommerce platform. Once the google sheet is open it will be in view only mode.


Select File - Download - and choose Microsoft Excel (xlsx). From there, once the file is downloaded you can open it directly in excel or, if you use G Suite open a new google sheet hosted on your own google drive and select File - Open, navigate to the 'Upload' tab and select the checklist from your file directory or drag and drop to make you own copy. 


The Checklists

Shopify Onboarding Checklist

WooCommerce Onboarding Checklist

Magento 1 Onboarding Checklist

Magento 2 Onboarding Checklist

BigCommerce Onboarding Checklist

Demandware Onboarding Checklist


Note: Some resizing may be required. 

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