Klaviyo Getting Started Roadmap

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Getting Started Roadmap

The following checklist is your roadmap to getting started with Klaviyo.

Completed? Getting Started Task Resources
Setting up my account
I signed up for a Klaviyo account Sign up on Klaviyo's homepage
I walked through the setup wizard Guide to the setup wizard
Bringing over my data
I integrated with my prior email service provider (if I already have a prior ESP) Guide to migrating from another ESP
I integrated with my ecommerce platform (or other platform if I'm doing fundraising, etc.) Switching Ecommerce Integrations
I uploaded my list of existing subscribers (if I already have a list) Create list and upload your contacts
Upgrading up my account (if necessary)
I reviewed what plan I will need Review pricing plan
I upgraded my plan Upgrade plan
Turn on my high engagement flows
I reviewed my pre-built Welcome Series flow, updated the content, and set the flow live Turn your Welcome Series live
I reviewed my pre-built Abandoned Cart flow, updated the content, and set the flow live Turn your Abandoned Cart flow live
Point your signup forms to Klaviyo
I evaluated all of the current signup forms I have and compared them to available signup forms in Klaviyo Understand your signup form options
I swapped out my old signup forms for Klaviyo forms or I connected my existing 3rd party signup form to a list in my Klaviyo account Check out our signup form resources and our list of 3rd party landing page and growth tools
Create an engaged list
I created a segment of my most engaged subscribers Create a segment of your most engaged subscribers
I cleaned my list of my least engaged subscribers Clean your list of inactive or unengaged profiles
Sending my first email
I made a plan for sending my first campaign Guide to Your First Send
I designed an email in the drag and drop editor for my first campaign Guide to Email Design
I set up and sent out my first campaign Create and send your first campaign
Crunching through my numbers
I checked the analytics for my first campaign and looked at the open rate, conversion rate, recipient activity, and other reports Review your campaign analytics
One week after turning my flows live, I checked out the analytics for an individual flow email, and looked at the open rate, conversion rate, recipient activity, and other reports Review your flow analytics


You're ready to go, but really, this is just the beginning. Here are some MORE resources for your journey forward.

  • Join a live training session
    We run live training sessions every Monday thru Thursday, specifically geared towards getting started with Klaviyo. Check out our topics and sign up for a session today.
  • Level Up Your Industry Knowledge - Looking for new ideas or that next quick win? The Klaviyo Blog is always up to date with the latest ecommerce trends, benchmark reports, and other data-driven best practices to help you stay on top of the game.
  • Advanced Training Materials - Check out our advanced training materials from the Klaviyo 2019 workshops. Step on the gas and take your email marketing into high gear.
  • Contact Support - Our support team handles requests through email, and if you're on a paid plan, live chat. You can check out the details on how to contact our support team for when you get stuck.
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