Insert Preheader (Preview) Text

What is Preheader (Preview) Text?

Preheader text, sometimes called preview text, is one of the first things recipients see when an email reaches their inbox. It is displayed in the inbox after the subject line of an email, and is usually pulled from the first line of text within the body of an email


There are two main ways you can use preheader text to enhance your emails:

  1. Use preheader text to summarize the email
  2. Use preheader text to complement your subject line

To learn more about how to strategically use preview text, head to the Klaviyo Blog.

How to Insert Preheader Text

You can insert preheader text into an email by adding a text block to the top of your template. If you're using one of our default templates, there will be a spot for this already. Make sure to add the text block above your main header logo, or any other header text. If you're custom coding an HTML template, preheader text is the first line of text after the opening <body> tag.


To ensure your preheader text is not too obtrusive after the email is opened, you can adjust the text size and color - the size of the preheader text in your email will not impact how it appears in the inbox!

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