Integrate with Kickoff Labs



Kickoff Labs allows you to collect leads with landing pages, opt-in forms, exit intent widgets, and more. This article walks you though enabling the Kickoff Labs integration and optionally syncing your Kickoff Labs leads to a list in your Klaviyo account.

Enable Klaviyo's Kickoff Labs Integration

Enabling the integration allows you to sync leads and data from the from fields of the Kickoff Labs forms you choose.

  1. In your Klaviyo account click the Integrations tab and search for the Kickoff Labs integration.
  2. At this step you can optionally click the checkbox and select a list from your Klaviyo account if you want to sync your Kickoff Labs leads to a specific list. We recommend this step, as it will help you stay organized and keep track of any leads from your Kickoff Labs integration.
  3. Click Connect Kickoff Labs to begin the integration. A URL is generated. You use this URL as a webhook to connect your Kickoff Labs forms to Klaviyo.
  4. From your Kickoff Labs account, navigate to a campaign and click Push Leads.
  5. Find Webhooks and click Setup Integration.
  6. Paste the webhook URL you created above into the text box. Click Update Webhook URLs.

You've now completed the integration with Kickoff Labs.

You can test that your integration is working by filling out your Kickoff Labs form with a test email account, then navigating to the Dashboard > Activity Feed tab in your Klaviyo account to see the data.


Data Synced Kickoff Labs Integration

From your account's Metrics tab, click the dropdown to filter your Kickoff Labs metrics. Currently, Klaviyo syncs one metric with Kickoff Labs: Filled Out Form.


This metric shows you the following:

  • Who filled out the form
  • When this person filled out the form
  • The URL of the form filled out

All data collected through the form's fields will be appended to each subscribers profile in Klaviyo under Custom Properties