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Learn how to integrate KickoffLabs with Klaviyo, which will allow you to sync leads and data from your chosen Kickoff Labs forms. You’ll have the option to sync your Kickoff Labs leads list to a list in your Klaviyo account.

Enable the Kickoff Labs integration

  1. In your Klaviyo account, click the Integrations tab and search for Kickoff Labs. Click Enable Integration
    Klaviyo integrations tab with Kickoff in the search bar, and Kickoff Labs in the search results
  2. Select the checkbox next to Subscribe people who fill out a form to a Klaviyo list to sync your Kickoff Labs leads to a specific Klaviyo list
  3. Choose the list you’d like to sync your initial leads to from the dropdown, then click Connect KickoffLabs
    Kickoff Labs integration settings page in Klaviyo showing List setting checked, List name Klaviyo team, and Connect KickoffLabs in blue
  4. Copy the URL generated in the Sync with Kickoff Labs section
    Sync with Kickoff Labs integration page showing webhook URL
  5. Navigate to your Kickoff Labs account, then navigate to the campaign you want to integrate with Klaviyo
  6. On the right hand side of the campaign screen, click on the Integrations drop down, then click Push Leads To, and select Send Webhook Notifications
    Kickoff Labs integrations section showing Manage Integrations dropdown with Send Webhook Notifications highlighted in blue
  7. Paste the webhook URL you created in Klaviyo into the text box. Click Update Webhook URLs
    Kickoff Labs Setup Webhook section showing textbox for webhook URL and Update WebHook URLs in blue

You've now completed the integration with Kickoff Labs.


Now that you’ve integrated with Kickoff Labs, leads will sync from Kickoff Labs to Klaviyo.

Monitor KickoffLabs sync

You can test that your integration is working by filling out your KickoffLabs form with a test email account. In Klaviyo, navigate to your Dashboard > Activity Feed to see the data.

Klaviyo Dashboard activity feed showing Filled Out Form via Kickoff Labs metric

Alt: Klaviyo Dashboard activity feed showing Filled Out Form via Kickoff Labs metric

Gain additional insight from the KickoffLabs article on sending new KickoffLabs leads to Klaviyo.

KickoffLabs metrics

Currently, Klaviyo syncs one metric with Kickoff Labs: Filled Out Form.

Metrics section in Klaviyo showing Filled Out Form metric

This metric shows you the following:

  • Who filled out the form
  • When this person filled out the form
  • The URL of the filled out form

All data collected through the form's fields will be appended to each subscriber profile in Klaviyo under Custom Properties. To view this data, navigate to Analytics > Metrics, and select KickoffLabs from the dropdown. Select Filled Out Form and click into the Activity Feed.

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