How to add a countdown timer to a sign-up form

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Learn how to use countdown timers to add a sense of urgency to your sign-up forms. Countdown timers work particularly well for flash sales, special promotions, or holiday messaging. Klaviyo does not have a built-in countdown timer feature, so you’ll need to use a third-party tool like CountdownMail.

When you add a countdown timer to a sign-up form, it will begin counting down at the moment the form loads. This means the timer will reset each time someone views your form. For example, if your countdown timer begins at 24:00:00, every visitor will see a countdown starting from that time, regardless of when they visit your page. 

It is not currently possible to add a countdown timer to a Klaviyo sign-up form that counts down to the same date and time for every site visitor. 

Generate a countdown timer

In this example, we’ll generate a countdown timer using CountdownMail. You can use another timer generator if you prefer. 

  1. Create an account with CountdownMail. 
  2. Click Create a Timer
  3. In the Countdown Timer Type menu, choose Evergreen.
    If you choose a different timer type, note that the timer will no longer count down to the date/time you set once it is uploaded into Klaviyo. 
  4. Add your desired timer range to the date and time fields. 
  5. Adjust the timer’s appearance as desired.
  6. Click Save Timer
  7. In the Your Timer Embed Code field, copy the image URL. Only copy the portion up to “.gif”, as shown below. The portion you copy should begin with http:// and end with .gif.
    The countdown timer URL from a timer generator

Need more help generating a countdown timer? Head to CountdownMail’s Help Center.

Add your timer to a sign-up form

  1. In the Klaviyo sidebar, click Sign-up Forms.
  2. Hover over an existing sign-up form and click Edit Page, or create a new form. 
  3. Click Add Blocks.
  4. Add an Image block to your form.
    An image block in the Klaviyo signup form builder
  5. Click Browse Image Library
  6. Click Import URL
  7. Paste the URL you copied in the prior section into the Image URL field.
    The import from URL option when uploading an image
  8. Click Import Image
  9. Adjust the timer’s width in the Width field, if desired. 
  10. Click Publish

If you make edits to your timer within the CountdownMail editor, those changes will not be reflected in your sign-up form. To apply the changes to your form, copy the URL from CountdownMail and upload it as a new image into Klaviyo using the steps above. 

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