How to Enable Webhooks for Magento 2

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This guide will walk you through how to enable Klaviyo webhooks, which will empower your Magento 2 integration to sync catalog product removals real-time. 

Enable Klaviyo Webhooks in Magento 2

If you have not already enabled your Magento 2 integration, you will need to complete the setup steps outlined in the Magento 2 Integration guide before enabling Klaviyo webhooks. 

Product Delete Webhook

The Product Delete webhook allows the integration to remove products that you have deleted in Magento 2 from the catalog in Klaviyo. 

1. To enable the Product Delete webhook, log in to your Magento 2 account and navigate to Stores > Configuration from the admin dashboard.

2. Click on Klaviyo and select the Webhooks tab.

Image showing the Webhooks tab of the Store Configuration dashboard.

3. Create a webhook secret and enter it into the corresponding Webhook Secret field. The webhook secret is a key that Klaviyo will use for validation. This secret can be anything you choose, but we recommend creating a secure string of letters and numbers. Magento will hide your webhook secret with asterisks for security purposes, so be careful to enter it correctly.

If you are using a multi-store integration, the webhook secret in this field should be entered in your default configuration, and the same secret will be used as validation for each store configuration. The webhook secret should only be added to the default config and should not be added per store.

4. Next to Use Product Delete Webhook? select Yes from the dropdown options.

5. Click Save Config to complete the setup. Your Magento 2 integration will now remove deleted products from the catalog in real-time.

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