Understanding third-party integrations

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Learn how to find third-party integrations, which are integrations built by third parties (instead of by Klaviyo) using Klaviyo's APIs. Klaviyo's APIs enable a large variety of third-parties to build integrations with our platform. You can search for third-party integrations using the Klaviyo Connect integration directory, which is described in the next section. 

All Klaviyo-built (or "native") integrations have documentation on our Help Center, while third party integrations do not. You can find integration guides for Klaviyo's native integrations in the Ecommerce Integrations or Other Data Integrations sections. You can also search for Klaviyo-built integrations within Klaviyo itself by clicking your account name in the lower left corner and selecting Integrations. Then, click All Integrations and search for the integration you are looking for. If the integration doesn't come up, it is probably a third party integration that can be found on Klaviyo Connect. 

Find a third-party integration

To locate an integration guide, navigate to the Klaviyo Connect integration directory. Under Filter, type in the name of the integration you're looking for.
Klaviyo Connect integrations directory with Okendo in search bar and Okendo card in results

You can locate the integration's setup guide, if available, under the Resources section of the third-party's integration page.

Card showing third party integration information including Resources section with link to Okendo Help Centre and How to integrate Okendo with Klaviyo

Within each third-party app's listing in the integration directory, you can find information about third-party app support on the right.

Klaviyo's support team is only able to provide assistance with Klaviyo-built integrations.

If you have trouble locating a setup guide for your integration, or the information in the guide is inaccurate, please reach out to the Klaviyo Support Team for assistance.

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