Third-Party Integrations

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Klaviyo's open API enables a large variety of third-parties to build integrations with our platform. For more information on how to integrate with our third-party partners, please check out the Klaviyo Integrations Directory. The Integrations Directory offers a list of integrations partners to help you find an existing service you use or to locate a new partner.

You can find integration guides for Klaviyo's native integrations in the Ecommerce Integrations or Other Data Integrations sections.

Find a Third-Party Integration

To locate an integration guide, navigate to the Integrations Directory. Under Filter, type in the name of the partner you currently use. You can also search for new partner integrations by selecting one or more categories.

Select an integration partner by clicking anywhere within the pane.


You can locate the integration's setup guide, if available, under the Resources section of the third-party partner's integration page.


Within each third-party app's listing in the Integrations Directory, you can find contact information for their app's support team under Integration on the right. Klaviyo's support team is only able to provide assistance with integrations found under Integrations > All Integrations within your Klaviyo account.

If you have trouble locating a setup guide for your integration, or the information in the guide is inaccurate, please reach out to the Klaviyo Support Team for assistance.

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