Fivetran Integration

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Klaviyo's granular and comprehensive customer data can be fully integrated into your data pipeline through a Fivetran integration. The Fivetran integration will enable you to extract, transform, and load Klaviyo data into the data warehouse of your choice, such as Amazon Redshift or Snowflake.

The integration is built by Fivetran and is a two-way sync, utilizing Klaviyo's robust APIs to communicate raw customer data with your data warehouse platform. 

View Fivetran's documentation for more information on their Klaviyo integration.

Data Synced to Fivetran

Klaviyo syncs standard email and web tracking events.

Email events include:

  • Bounced Email
  • Clicked Email
  • Dropped Email
  • Marked Email as Spam
  • Opened Email
  • Received Email
  • Subscribed to List
  • Unsubscribed
  • Unsubscribed from List
  • Updated Email Preferences

Web tracking events (available when web tracking is installed on your site) include:

  • Active on Site
  • Viewed Product
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