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Listagram encourages signups through a spin-to-win game. While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Listagram, you can integrate your accounts through Listagram's integration.

The Listagram integration works by first connecting Klaviyo to Listagram, and then syncing each fortune wheel to a specific Klaviyo list. The data sync is one-way where data flows from Listagram into Klaviyo. Be sure you have a Klaviyo list created before the integration is established. If you have several fortune wheels, you will need to enable an integration for each one.

Connect Listagram to Klaviyo 

First, you'll need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo to use with Listagram. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking your account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account. Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


 Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Listagram. Select the Integrations tab.

Click the Klaviyo icon.Listagram2.png

Enter a name for the integration and paste your Private API Key. Then, enable one or more of these options:

  • Confirm Optin
  • Property Slice Label: Enable this option if you wish to add the custom property "listagram-slice-label" to your subscriber in Klaviyo. This property denotes the "slice" the subscriber won (i.e. 10% discount).
  • Property Slice Value: Enable this option if you wish to add the custom property "listagram-slice-value" to your subscriber in Klaviyo. This property denotes the value of the subscriber's winnings (e.g. 10DISCOUNT)


 Click Create Integration.Listagram4.png

Next, you'll need to enable a sync for each fortune wheel you wish to integrate. From the Fortune Wheels section, click to open a fortune wheel, then click the Settings tab.Listagram5.png

Scroll down the page to the Integration section. Choose your Klaviyo integration from the Integration dropdown. List ID should then populate with your Klaviyo lists. Select a list from the List ID dropdown. This is the list that Listagram subscribers will be added to. Enable Sync existing subscribers to add previous wheel signups to your Klaviyo list. Then, click Save integration.

Listagram subscribers should now be synced to your Klaviyo list.


Data Synced to Klaviyo

The Listagram integration syncs email subscribers and associated profile data. This is the data that Listagram sends to Klaivyo:

  • API Key
  • Email Address
  • Confirm option (True/False based on the Optin setting)
  • Source:
  • listagram-wheel-name: Name of the wheel
  • listagram-wheel-id: ID of the wheel
  • listagram-slice-label: Label of won slice (sent only if enabled in the integration settings)
  • listagram-slice-value: Value of won slice (sent only if enabled in the integration settings)

You can expect email addresses and associated data to be sent into Klaviyo. If you enabled the Listagram properties confirm_optin, property_slice_label, and property_slice_value, then expect to see those custom properties within your subscriber's Klaviyo profile.

How to use the Listagram Integration

Customers use Listagram to collect subscriber email addresses and add them to a subscription list. If property_slice_label and property_slice_value are collected, these properties can be used for further segmentation.

Create a Campaign with Listagram Data

  1. Enable a Listagram fortune wheel to collect subscriber email addresses, offering instant savings as an incentive.
  2. The coupon code is instantly revealed on your fortune wheel.
  3. If singe opt-in is enabled on your Klaviyo list, the email address will automatically be added to your Klaviyo list. If double opt-in is required, subscribers will receive a confirmation email. Once opt-in is confirmed, the email is added to the Klaviyo subscription list. 
  4. Include subscribers in email campaigns for new product launches, seasonal campaigns, and special sales.

Create a Flow with Listagram Data

Run a Listagram contest and add subscribers to a Klaviyo "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list. When the subscriber is added, a "Fortune Wheel Welcome" flow is triggered.

  1. Run a Listagram fortune wheel to collect subscribers.
  2. Listagram subscribers are added to your Klaviyo "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list.
  3. Create a "Fortune Wheel Welcome" flow which is triggered by being added to the "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list.


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