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Wheelio is a gamification app that businesses use to collect email subscribers. When you integrate Wheelio with Klaviyo, you can send email subscribers from Wheelio to a Klaviyo list. The syncing process is automatic, not instant. It may take up to 30 min to 1 hr to push all the emails to your Klaviyo list.

Connect Wheelio to Klaviyo 

First, you will need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo to use with Wheelio. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking your account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account. Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


 Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


If you are newly installing the Wheelio App from the Shopify App store, you can enable the Klaviyo integration during the Wheelio installation.  

From your Shopify App Store, select Wheelio and press Install app.
When prompted, paste your Klaviyo API key and all relevant information. Walkthrough the rest of the Wheelio installation wizard to complete your Wheelio installation. 

Data Synced to Klaviyo

You can expect email addresses and associated data to be pulled into Klaviyo from Wheelio. 

The Wheelio integration was built by Conversion Pirate.  For more information about what types of data are sent into Klaviyo, contact Conversion Pirate support within their in-app support channel, or email Conversion Pirate support

How to use the Wheelio Integration

Customers use Wheelio to collect subscriber email addresses and add them to a subscription list. 

Create a Campaign with Wheelio Data

  1. Enable a Wheelio pop-up to collect subscriber email addresses, offering instant savings as an incentive.
  2. The coupon code is instantly revealed on your wheel.
  3. If single opt-in is enabled on your Klaviyo list, the email address will automatically be added to your Klaviyo list. If double opt-in is required, subscribers will receive a confirmation email. Once that is accepted, the email is added to the Klaviyo subscription list. 
  4. Include subscribers in email campaigns for new product launches, seasonal campaigns, and special sales.

Create a Flow with Wheelio Data

Run a Wheelio contest and add subscribers to a Klaviyo "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list. When the subscriber is added, a "Fortune Wheel Welcome" flow is triggered.

  1. Run a Wheelio contest to collect subscribers.
  2. Wheelio subscribers are added to your Klaviyo "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list.
  3. Create a "Fortune Wheel Welcome" flow which is triggered by being added to the "Fortune Wheel Subscriber" list.


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