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Businesses use Survicate to conduct specialized surveys such as NPS, CSAT, email surveys, etc.  With a Survicate-Klaviyo integration, you can leverage Survicate data by creating automated campaigns and segments within Klaviyo based on survey responses.

Integration Instructions

While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Survicate, you can still integrate your Klaviyo account with Survicate. This is possible via an integration available through Survicate.

Learn how to connect Survicate with Klaviyo by following instructions on the Survicate Help Center.

How Survicate Data is Synced to Klaviyo

  • Customer data collected by Survicate Contact Form submissions can be imported into Klaviyo as new contacts and added to a specific Klaviyo list.
  • Survey responses are imported on a per-question basis; you determine whether you want to push responses to a given question.
  • Responses are pulled into Klaviyo either as an existing property or as a custom property.
  • Even if a customer doesn't complete an entire survey, the responses that they do complete are sent to Klaviyo.
  • Customer responses are sent to Klaviyo in real time.

Visit the Survicate Help Center for more information on the Survicate-Klaviyo sync.

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