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Brands use to run engagement competitions and grow their email lists. While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Gleam, it's possible to sync accounts through an integration built by Gleam.

Gleam offers several types of campaigns. Competitions, rewards, and lead capture campaigns can all be configured to sync data to Klaviyo. The Gleam integration works by first connecting Gleam to Klaviyo, allowing individual Gleam campaigns to be synced. The Gleam integration is a one-way sync. Subscriber email addresses are collected in a Gleam campaign and synced to Klaviyo via integration.

This guide will walk you through integrating with Gleam.

Connect Gleam to Klaviyo

First, you'll need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo. Log into your Klaviyo account, click your Account Name on the upper right, and choose Account. From the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Gleam. In Site Settings, click on the Integrations tab.
Scroll down to find Klaviyo, then toggle the integration ON. Next, paste in your API Key and choose a list name from the dropdown. This is the Klaviyo list subscribers will sync to by default. Individual campaigns can be synced to different Klaviyo lists.

Sync Gleam Competitions and Rewards to Klaviyo

After the initial Gleam integration is activated, individual competition and reward campaigns can be synced to Klaviyo by specifying Subscribe to Newsletter as a campaign entry method.

We're going to do this for an existing Competition widget. From the Competitions tab, click on a competition to open its settings.
Click Edit on the upper right.
Select the How to enter tab.
There are multiple ways subscribers can enter a competition or reward campaign. You may already have several ways to enter selected. Select Subscribe to Newsletter.Gleam6.png
Fill in a Description of action. For example, we've entered "Sign up for our Newsletter." Because you've already integrated with Klaviyo, you'll see Klaviyo appear on this screen. By default, the widget will sync to the list specified during the integration.
This is the place you can sync to an alternate list. To change the list, click the dropdown, and select Send to different list.
Choose an alternate list.
Scroll down, and click Save.

When creating a new Gleam Campaign, remember to choose Subscribe to Newsletter as an entry option.

Sync Gleam Captures to Klaviyo

Once the Gleam integration is intact, each newly created capture is automatically synced with Klaviyo. You can check the integration or change the Klaviyo list subscribers sync to within each capture's Email Integration settings.

We're going to walk through changing the Klaviyo list associated with a Gleam capture. On the Captures tab, click on the name of a capture to open its settings.
In the upper right, click Edit.
Click on the Email Integration tab.
Gleam12.pngThe presence of the Klaviyo icon is confirmation that the Klaviyo sync is intact. This is also the place you can sync to an alternate list. To change the list, click the dropdown, and select Send to different list.
Choose an alternate list.
Scroll down, and click Save.

Field Mapping in Gleam

Gleam's special fields and custom fields capture additional information about your subscribers in Gleam campaigns. You can add additional fields within Gleam campaigns and map them into Klaviyo. Note that the field mapping feature may only be available to certain Gleam subscription tiers. Contact Gleam customer support for more details.

Field mapping is set up within each individual Gleam campaign. For example, in a Gleam Competition, navigate to the User Settings tab, and scroll down to find the Add Custom Fields section.
Gleam allows you to map the below special fields into Klaviyo:

  • IP Country: Gleam detects country name and syncs into this Klaviyo field.
  • IP City: Gleam detects city name and syncs into this Klaviyo field.
  • IP Region: Gleam detects the region name and syncs into this Klaviyo field
  • IP Country Code: Gleam detects the country code and syncs into this Klaviyo field.
  • Viral Share URL: Sync the subscriber's 'viral share URL.' This allows you to followup with subscribers and encourage them to share your Gleam campaign via 'Viral Share URL.'
  • Add Custom Value: Custom values allow you to set a fixed value to any custom field.


Custom fields can be created in Gleam to map to an existing field in Klaviyo. Some Klaviyo fields, such as Source, are not spelled out in Gleam. You can map to an existing Klaviyo field by selecting +Add Custom Value and creating a matching field in Gleam.

  • Example 1: Source is an existing field in Klaviyo. Although there is no Source field in Gleam, you can click + Add Custom Value to create a Source field in Gleam.
  • Example 2: Preferred_Flavor is a custom field in Klaviyo. Although there is no Preferred_Flavor field in Gleam, you can create one by clicking + Add Custom Value.


Visit the Gleam Help Center to learn more about Custom Field Mapping.

What Data Syncs to Klaviyo

Gleam subscriber email addresses are synced into Klaviyo. In addition, any other field specified in a campaign will sync to Klaviyo provided that the field already exists in Klaviyo and has been mapped properly in Gleam.

Please note that this integration is built by Gleam. For comprehensive details on what syncs from Gleam to Klaviyo, contact Gleam customer support.

How to Use the Gleam Integration

Brands use Gleam to engage potential customers and collect subscriber email addresses.

Create a Campaign Using Gleam Data

  1. Design a Gleam competition to collect subscribers for your newsletter. Be sure to create a compelling contest to entice subscribers.
  2. When a customer submits the form, their email address is added to your Klaviyo list. The email address is synced from Gleam into Klaviyo.
  3. Now, you can include your Gleam subscribers in a campaign announcing contest status or winner. Continue to include subscribers on Newsletter sends, product launches, and seasonal campaigns.

Create a Flow Using Gleam Data

You can trigger a welcome series when a subscriber is added to a list. In this example, we're going to sync our Gleam competition subscribers to a Contest Welcome list and trigger a Contest Welcome flow when the subscriber is added to that list.

  1. Design a Gleam competition to collect subscribers for your newsletter.
  2. Sync the campaign to a contest list in Klaviyo.
  3. Set up a contest welcome flow triggered by the addition of a subscriber to the Contest List.
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