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Convertful is a suite of popups and widgets used to engage customers. You can send email addresses and data collected by Convertful directly into Klaviyo when you integrate Convertful with Klaviyo. 

While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Convertful, you can still integrate your Convertful account with Klaviyo. This is possible via an integration available through Convertful.  

The Klaviyo + Convertiful integration by creates a one-way sync where data collected from Convertful is sent directly into Klaviyo. Once the initial integration is enabled, you'll be able to connect each Convertful widget with a corresponding Klaviyo list.  Before you connect a widget, make sure you've already created the Klaviyo list.  If you have several Convertful widgets to integrate, you will need to connect each widget to a Klaviyo list. 

Connect Convertful to Klaviyo

First, head over to Klaviyo to generate a private API Key to use with Convertful. Navigate to Account Settings by clicking the account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account.  Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Convertful.

Log into your Convertful account and select the Integrations tab.


Click Add Integration.  

Scroll down to find Klaviyo from Convertful's list of available integrations, then click on the Klaviyo icon. You will be brought to the Connect with Klaviyo screen. Enter your Klaviyo API Key and click Connect.
You will receive confirmation that all Convertiful widgets are connected with Klaviyo.  By default, all existing Convertful widgets and all new widgets will be connected to Klaviyo. You can customize settings for individual Convertful widgets within each widget's settings. See Convertful's documentation for more information about modifying an individual widget settings.  

Choose a Klaviyo list from the Default List dropdown. This is the list that all Convertful subscribers will be added to. Click Save Changes to save your designated Klaviyo list.

Mapping Custom Fields

Within your Convertful Integrations tab, scroll down to view a list of custom data Convertful sends into Klaviyo.  Although Convertful assigns logical field names to that mapped data,  Convertful allows you to customize those names if you wish. For example, Convertful maps data into the landing_page_url  custom field in Klaviyo, but you can change that name by typing an alternate name (i.e. convertful_landing_page_url) in the Klaviyo Custom Field column. 


If no alternate names are specified, Convertful will sync data according to the custom field names listed.  When you are finished reviewing the custom fields, click Save Changes

This is a screenshot of the INFORMATION section of a Klaviyo Profile.  This subscriber submitted information via a Convertful form. Note the custom fields and associated values that are mapped from Convertful to Klaviyo:


For more information, you can review the Mapping Custom Fields section of Convertful's integration doc.

Directing Convertful Button Actions

After you integrate your Convertful account with Klaviyo, email submissions are directed to a specified Klaviyo list by default.  Each Convertful widget can also be configured to send dynamic data to Klaviyo. For example, if you design a form to collect customer style preferences, you can configure the widget button within "On Submit Actions"/"On Click Actions" settings.

This is an example of a button configured to submit the value {vintage} to the Klaviyo custom field "style.pref":


Convertful's integration documentation
explains this well in the Actions section.

Data Synced into Klaviyo

You can sync subscriber email addresses and associated custom properties from Convertful into Klaviyo.  Since the Klaviyo + Convertful integration was built by Convertful, please contact Convertful for a complete list of metrics they send to Klaviyo.

This is the subscription information that our customers sync from Convertful into Klaviyo:

  • Email addresses of subscribers

These are some of the profile properties that Convertful maps into Klaviyo. The names of these fields can be customized within Convertful's integration settings:

  • ip_address
  • signup_page_url
  • landing_page_url
  • referral_url
  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • utm_content
  • timezone


Custom data can also be mapped into Klaviyo. For example, if you create a style.pref field on a Convertful form, that field will be mapped into Klaviyo as well. 

How to Use the Convertful Integration

Businesses use Convertful to collect subscriber email addresses and associated customer data.  In addition to collecting subscriber email addresses which trigger Newsletter campaigns and Welcome flows, some of our customers use Convertful creatively by collecting product preferences or running contests or giveaways which trigger "Giveaway" flows.  Here are examples of what you can do with Convertful data within Klaviyo:

Create a Campaign using Convertful data

  1. Design a Convertful widget to collect product preferences from subscribers.
  2. Submission of either "button" sends either {vintage} or {modern} value to the custom property style.pref.
  3. Convertful then displays a subscription form on your website, customized to your customer's preferred style:
  4. Create a segment consisting of subscribers who chose "Vintage" as a product preference.
  5. Send the Vintage segment of subscribers Campaigns designed according to their "Vintage" style preference.  

Create a Flow using Convertful data

Run a Convertful "Spin to Win" contest and add subscribers to a Klaviyo "Giveaway" list.  When the subscriber is added to the "Giveaway" list a "Giveaway" flow is triggered.

  1. Create a "Giveaway" list on your Klaviyo account.
  2. Create a Convertful "Spin to Win" widget to collect subscribers.  Be sure to designate the "Giveaway" list for "Spin-to-Win" subscribers within the widget's settings. 
  3. Convertful subscribers are added to your Klaviyo "Giveaway" list via integration.
  4. Create a "Giveaway" flow which is triggered by being added to the "Giveaway" list.
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