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Businesses use Loyalty Lion to build referral and loyalty programs.  A Klaviyo-Loyalty Lion integration allows you to send email addresses collected with Loyalty Lion directly into Klaviyo.

Enable the Loyalty Lion Integration

While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Loyalty Lion, you can still integrate your Klaviyo account. This is possible via an integration available through Loyalty Lion.

Learn how to connect Loyalty Lion with Klaviyo by following instructions on the Loyalty Lion Help Centre.

How to Use Loyalty Lion Data in Klaviyo

Loyalty Lion customer feedback can be used to build segments and trigger email flows within Klaviyo.

These are a few ideas from the Loyalty Lion Help Centre

  • Increase repeat purchases with reward available emails
  • Engage with customers via monthly loyalty summary emails
  • Increase customer acquisition with referral prompt emails
  • Target specific customer groups with segmentation and offer richer personalization

Fields Synced to Klaviyo

  •  Total Points:  points_total

  •  Approved points: points_approved

  •  Pending points: points_pending

  •  Lifetime points: points_lifetime

  •  Spent points: points_spent

  •  Number of rewards claimed: rewards_claimed

  •  Date enrolled in program: enroll_date

  •  Referral URL: referral_url

  •  Loyalty Tier: loyalty_tier

  •  Birthday: birthday

  •  Insights segment: insights_segment

Learn more about the Klaviyo-Loyalty Lion sync on the Loyalty Lion Help Center.

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