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While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with DojoMojo, you can still integrate your accounts by using an integration that DojoMojo built. 

The DojoMojo + Klaviyo integration works by connecting DojoMojo to a specific Klaviyo list. The integration creates a one-way sync where emails collected by DojoMojo are sent directly to a designated Klaviyo list. You can send additional profile data from DojoMojo into Klaviyo by setting up merge tags within DojoMojo and mapping them into custom Klaviyo fields. 

Connect DojoMojo to Klaviyo 

First, you will need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo to use with DojoMojo. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking the account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account. Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


 Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to DojoMojo.

From your DojoMojo account, click on your Account Settings logo, and then select Manage Brand

Click on the ESP Integrations tab, and then scroll down to select the Klaviyo icon


Paste your Klaviyo API Key and click Integrate.

Review your login information and click Next


 Select a Klaviyo list, and then click Next


DojoMojo may prompt you to update a campaign to sync with your Klaviyo list. You can update your campaign now, or you can update the campaign settings later. To integrate an individual campaign, open the campaign and head over to the Email Delivery tab. Then select the Klaviyo icon.

Now it's time to review your merge tag labels. These will be the names of the fields in your Klaviyo account, and the values of the data which are stored. Compare the DojoMojo values with the corresponding Klaviyo values. You can edit Klaviyo merge tags in the Value in Klaviyo column. In the Include column, confirm that there is a check beside each value you'd like to import into Klaviyo. When finished, click Activate.

You should see confirmation that your Klaviyo + DojoMojo integration has been set up. DojoMojo will automatically apply integration settings to current and upcoming campaigns. Your DojoMojo account will now sync new signup emails to your Klaviyo list as they come in. Additional profile data will be imported according to the fields you selected.

Data Synced into Klaviyo

You can sync subscriber email addresses and associated profile data from DojoMojo into Klaviyo. DojoMojo allows you to specify merge tags during the Klaviyo + DojoMojo integration, giving you control over the Klaviyo field names that DojoMojo data is mapped into. Any DojoMojo field synced without a specific Klaviyo value is imported as a custom field. 

For example, these fields are specified during a Klaviyo + Dojomojo integration:


This is what that data looks like in a Klaviyo profile:


This is the subscription information our customers have synced from Justuno into Klaviyo:

  • Email addresses of subscribers

These are examples of profile data our customers have synced from DojoMojo into Klaviyo:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Phone

How to Use the DojoMojo Integration

Businesses primarily use DojoMojo to collect subscriber email addresses and profile data. Some of our customers use DojoMojo to run sweepstakes which result in giveaways. Here are examples of what you can do with DojoMojo data within Klaviyo:

Create a Campaign using DojoMojo data

In this example, we're collecting email addresses in DojoMojo and syncing to a Klaviyo "Newsletter" list. 

  1. Design a DojoMojo sweepstake to collect subscribers for your newsletter, entering them into a sweepstake as an incentive.
  2. The subscriber's email address is added to a Klaviyo Newsletter list. The email address is synced from DojoMojo into Klaviyo via integration.
  3. Include subscribers in email campaigns for new product launches, seasonal campaigns, and special sales.

Create a Flow using DojoMojo data

Run a DojoMojo sweepstake and add subscribers to a Klaviyo "Giveaway" list. In this example, we've chosen "Giveaway" list during integration as the designated list DojoMojo syncs with. When a subscriber is added to the "Giveaway list" a "Giveaway" flow is triggered.

  1. Run a DojoMojo sweepstake to collect subscribers.
  2. DojoMojo subscribers are added to your Klaviyo "Giveaway" list via integration.
  3. Create a "Giveaway" flow which is triggered by being added to the "Giveaway" list.


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