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Digioh's on site widgets and lightboxes encourage customers to subscribe. The Digioh + Klaviyo integration sets up a one-way sync so you can send subscriber information directly into Klaviyo. While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Digioh, you can use the integration built by Digioh to connect your accounts.

The Digioh integration works by connecting a Klaviyo list to a Digioh widget.  Once the integration is intact, you can sync data to the designated Klaviyo list.  If you want to send data to multiple Klaviyo lists, you'll need to set up multiple integrations. 

Connect Digioh to Klaviyo

First, head over to your Klaviyo account and generate a private API Key to use with Digioh.

Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking the account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account. Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity. Copy the API Key and head over to Digioh.


Log into your Digioh account and navigate to the Integrations tab. Click New Integration.


Type in a Friendly Name for the integration.  Because each Digioh + Klaviyo integration references a specific Klaviyo list, we suggest naming your Digioh integration "Klaviyo-LIST NAME" for clarity. Next,  select Klaviyo from the Integration dropdown, and click Create Integration.


Paste your Private API Key, and click Save.


Now it's time to designate a list for the integration.  Click [Choose a List].


Select a Klaviyo list from the available options.


Confirm that the list appears next to your integration.2019-08-14_10-39-05.png Now you can link the integration to your Lightbox. Navigate to the Boxes tab and identify the Lightbox you wish you integrate.  Click +Add to add an integration.

Click in the --Add an Integration-- field, and select an integration from the dropdown.  Then click Save Integration and Close.  


Additional Lightboxes can be connected to the Klaviyo list through the integration you established. If you'd like to connect a Lightbox to a different Klaviyo list, create an additional integration by repeating the steps described above. Each additional Digioh + Klaviyo integration requires an additional Private API Key which you can create in your Klaviyo account.

You can also review Digioh's documentation on the Digioh + Klaviyo integration

Data Synced into Klaviyo

The Klaviyo + Digioh integration supports the syncing of subscriber email addresses and associated profile data. Digioh offers its customers support to pass custom data or hidden fields.  Contact Digioh support for more details on the types of data they sync to Klaviyo.

How to Use the Digioh Integration

You can design Digioh Lightboxes to collect subscriber email addresses and additional custom information. Below are examples of how you can use your Digioh data in Klaviyo.

Create a Campaign Using Digioh Data

  1. Design a Digioh form to collect subscribers for your newsletter. Subscribers can be offered an instant coupon code to entice them to signup. 
  2. When a customer submits the form, their email address is added to your Klaviyo list. The email address is synced from Digioh into Klaviyo via the integration.
  3. Now, you can include your Digioh subscribers in campaigns or newsletters sent to this list. 

Create a Flow Using Digioh Data

You can trigger a welcome series when new subscribers are added to your newsletter list. You can easily include Digioh subscribers in your welcome series by making sure that Digioh subscribers are added to the list that triggers the flow:

  1. Integrate a Digioh Lightbox with the list that triggers your welcome series.
  2. Your Digioh subscribers will enter your welcome flow when they sign up.
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