Loox Integration

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Loox collects visual reviews that you can use in Klaviyo to segment your customers. This article will walk you through integrating Loox with Klaviyo. After completing all of the steps on this guide, you'll be able to communicate to your customers based on their reviews using Loox.  

Add the Loox Integration 

After logging into your account, click the account dropdown and create a new private API key by selecting Account > Settings > API Keys > Create API Key.


Back in your Shopify account, head to the Loox integration and then to Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo and paste your private API Key into the space provided and select Test.


When someone submits a review, Klaviyo will record a "Loox Review Posted" event. The data synced to Klaviyo is 

  • Rating - Star rating (1-5)
  • Photo Included - “Yes”, if the reviewer attached a photo. “No” otherwise
  • Author - The reviewer’s name
  • Product Title - The name of the product
  • Product URL - The URL location of the product
  • Product Id - Shopify Product ID
  • Order Id - Shopify Order Id.
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