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This article will walk you through integrating Wistia with Klaviyo. With Wistia's Turnstile forms, you can collect information about those who subscribe to your newsletter through your Wistia videos and send that information to your Klaviyo account. After completing all of the steps on this guide, you'll be able to better communicate with your customers who view your Wistia videos.  

Add the Wistia Integration 

After logging into your account, click the account dropdown and create a new private API key by selecting Account > Settings > API Keys > Create API Key.


Back in your Wistia account, head to Account > Integrations and under the Email Integration section, select Klaviyo and paste your private API Key into the space provided and select Connect.

2019-05-13_13-43-07-1-1.gifThe double check mark indicates that the integration is working correctly.




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