How To Add a Photo to Your Klaviyo Account with Gravatar



Learn how to add a photo to your Klaviyo account to transform this


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How it Works

Gravatar is the third-party platform that allows you to create an account and add various profile information, such as a profile picture. This information is publicly available on the web and can be used other software. When you create an account with Klaviyo, we use the email associated with your account and automatically look for an associated Gravatar account. If we find one, we populate your Gravatar profile picture into your Klaviyo account.

First, log into Gravatar with the same email as your Klaviyo account. If you don't have a Gravatar account or need to make one with your Klaviyo account, you can make one for free. Click on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner and drag in the photo you want to use for the account. Click Change My Photo and wait for the success message. There will be a small delay for Gravatar to sync to your Klaviyo account, but within a half hour or so, you should see a change to your Klaviyo photo.




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