How to Setup OAuth for Existing Magento 2 Integrations

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This guide will cover how to update an existing Magento 2 integration from API credential authentication to the new OAuth workflow. Visit the guide here if you need to enable your Magento 2 integration for the first time. If you are using Magento 2 version 2.2.0 or older, follow this guide to manually enable OAuth.

Setup OAuth

Log in to your Magento 2 account. Here, we’ll enable OAuth to securely connect your Klaviyo account to the Magento 2 extension.

Navigate to Stores > Configuration from the admin dashboard. Click on Klaviyo and select the Setup OAuth tab. Give your integration a memorable name in the Name field, you will need to locate it by this name later. Click Save Config to proceed.


Next, locate System from the left hand navigation pane and select Integrations from the System tray. 

Locate the integration with the name you used above and click Activate.


Activating the integration will open up a window requesting you to approve access to several permissions. Click Allow to accept the permissions and get redirected to Klaviyo to complete the integration setup.


Sign in if you have not already done so, or confirm your account name and ID are correct and click Integrate Magento 2. This will update the Magento 2 integration in the Klaviyo account shown. If you are logged into multiple Klaviyo accounts and the correct account is not displaying, log out of any other sessions.


If the window closes automatically, the connection was successful. You can also confirm by opening your Klaviyo account in a new browser tab or window and checking the integration’s settings from the Integrations tab. Your integration settings should now show a green confirmation message when OAuth is enabled.

If you receive the following error instead, ensure that the API keys used in the first step correspond to the account you are currently logged in to.


When establishing the connection between Magento and Klaviyo, if you receive a list of errors instead, you can click each error to learn more about the cause.

Update the Magento 2 Integration in Klaviyo

Next, navigate to Klaviyo and locate your Magento 2 integration from the Integrations tab. If the OAuth setup was successful, under Integration Settings you will see a confirmation message OAuth access enabled for this integration

Click Update Magento 2 Settings to complete the update to OAuth. 


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