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To integrate Symphony with Klaviyo, you'll first need to send your Klaviyo Public API Key to your Symphony representative. From there, your Symphony rep will complete the integration. 

Locate your Klaviyo Public API key

To locate your public Klaviyo API key, click on the Account dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Klaviyo dashboard, then choose Account. From there, navigate to Settings > API Keys


 Here, you will find your public API key (also called Site ID).

Review & Understand your Synced Data

When a Symphony store is connected to Klaviyo, a live feed of what customers are doing in your store is sent automatically to your Klaviyo account. From when customers are active on your website, to what they buy and how much is spent, Klaviyo makes all of this information available to personalize, segment, and trigger emails. By default, the following data is synchronized between Klaviyo and Symphony:

Purchases and Website Data

Event Description Use-Case
Checkout Completed This event is tracked when someone completes an order. A synced Checkout Completed event includes:
  • An array of purchased items with full detail per item (name, pictures, quantity purchased, price paid, discounts applied)
  • An array of product categories purchased from
  • Overall checkout value
  • Number of items in the order
Post-purchase follow up emails.
Bought Product This event it tracked for each item in an order when a purchase is made. There will be one Bought Product event for each item captured within a single Checkout Completed event. A synced Bought Product event includes:
  • Item name
  • Category
  • Price
  • SKU
Used to cross-sell based on specific categories or products that someone has bought.
Started Checkout This event is tracked when someone begins the checkout process in your store. A synced Started Checkout event includes:
  • An array of items in the cart, that includes pictures of all items, the quantity purchased, and price paid
  • An array of product categories
  • Overall checkout value
  • Number of items in the cart
Used alongside Checkout Completed to trigger Abandoned Cart emails.
Active on Site This event is tracked when an identifiable visitor browses your store. Klaviyo can only identify a visitor if the person has, at some point prior, either clicked through a Klaviyo email, signed up via a Klaviyo signup form, or made a purchase. Once someone is identified, Klaviyo will track this person's activity going forward.   Used to create segments based on when customers are active on site.

Email-Related Events

Event Description What it's used for
Subscribed to List When someone joins your newsletter list.   This metric can be used to trigger your Welcome Email series.
Received Email Whenever someone receives an email via Klaviyo. This metric can be used to create segments based on which emails a customer has received.
Opened Email Whenever someone opens an email via Klaviyo. This metric can be used to create segments based on who opened - or did not open - a particular email.
Clicked Email Whenever someone clicks an email via Klaviyo. This metric can be used to create segments based on who clicked a particular email.

Additional Website Activity

Event Description
Add to Cart When a customer adds a product to his/her cart.
Home Visit When someone visits the home page of your website.
Store Visit When someone visits your store.
Product Visit When someone views a product in your store.
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