Popup, List Growth, Loyalty, Rewards, and Other Integrations

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Integrations with third-party apps allow you to send email addresses, events and/or custom properties directly into Klaviyo.

This document features popup, list growth, loyalty, and rewards apps which integrate with Klaviyo. Some of these integrations are built by Klaviyo and can be enabled within Klaviyo's Integrations tab. Some of these integrations are built by the vendor and are configured outside of Klaviyo, within the vendor's app.

Loyalty & Rewards

These apps give you tools to reward loyal customers through points, perks, and rewards:

Popup and List Growth

While Klaviyo also allows you to design and leverage configurable popup forms, these popup and list growth tools offer additional features and integrate with Klaviyo:


These review apps collect customer feedback which you can leverage in Klaviyo:

  • Delighted - customer feedback, surveys, NPS, CSAT
  • Judge.me - customer reviews
  • Loox - visual reviews
  • Stamped.io - customer reviews
  • Survicate - surveys, NPS, CSAT, email surveys
  • Yotpo -customer feedback, reviews, photos, and Q&A


Visit our Help Center's App Integrations section for a more complete list of apps with diverse functionalities, including:

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