Pop-Up, List Growth & Social Sharing Integrations


Klaviyo currently integrates with the following email landing page, form and list growth services so you can easily send all collected email addresses straight to Klaviyo from these third-party tools.

While Klaviyo also allows you to design and leverage configurable pop ups forms, these pop up and list growth tools offer additional features and integrate with Klaviyo:

For some of the above tools, the ability to integrate with Klaviyo is configurable within the tool itself. You will thus not see all the above tools listed within Klaviyo on our All Integrations list, as for some the integration must be enabled from within the third-party tool and not within Klaviyo.

These other platforms don't currently integrate with Klaviyo: 

  • Thrive Leads

As new pop up and landing page platforms integrate with Klaviyo, we'll be adding them here.

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