Picreel Integration



While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Picreel, it's possible to sync Picreel leads to Klaviyo by setting up a webhook. This article will walk you through this process. After completing the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to sync leads from your Picreel account to a list in your Klaviyo account.

Connect Picreel to Klaviyo

Klaviyo integrates with Picreel as a webhook. To add this integration in Picreel, go to the Leads tab, and then click Export to CRMs


The CRM Integrations modal will be displayed. In this window, enter in the following values:

  • URL: https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/external/subscribe?g=LIST_ID Where LIST_ID is the ID of the list you want to add subscribers to.
  • Token parameter name: klaviyo
  • Token parameter value: klaviyo


Monitor the Picreel Sync 

To check on your Picreel integration after you have added the Klaviyo webhook, subscribe a new lead through your Picreel form. You should see this lead added as a subscriber to the list you selected when you created the webhook. If you see this test lead appear, you should be all set for leads to sync moving forward!

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