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Businesses use Picreel to collect subscriber information with their pop-ups, exit-intent popups, and ad campaigns. Picreel is unique in that it offers 2-way CRM integrations with many CRM tools, giving you the ability to integrate their list growth tools with your CRM platform.

While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Picreel, it's possible to sync Picreel leads to Klaviyo through an integration built by Picreel. This article will walk you through integrating with Picreel. After completing the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to sync leads from your Picreel account to lists in your Klaviyo account.

Connect Picreel to Klaviyo

To integrate with Picreel, you'll need a Klaviyo Private API Key and the Klaviyo List IDs for the lists where you want your leads synced.

First, you'll need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo. Log into your Klaviyo account. Then click your Account Name on the upper right, and choose Account. From the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Picreel. In your Picreel account, navigate to the Leads tab.

All campaigns are set by default, but you can choose a specific campaign from the filter dropdown if you wish to exclude other campaigns. Click Export to Mail Apps.

Find Klaviyo on the integrations list on the left-hand side. Type Klaviyo in the upper-left search field to narrow your search, and choose Klaviyo.Picreel3.jpg

Paste your Private API key into the Klaviyo API key field and head back over to Klaviyo to copy your List ID.

In your Klaviyo account, navigate to Lists and Segments. Click on the menu next to the list you'd like to sync, and choose List Settings from the drop-down.


Select and copy the List ID. Head back over to Picreel.


Paste the List ID into the Klaviyo List ID field. If you wish to integrate an individual campaign with an alternate lists, paste the alternate List ID next to the Campaign Name. Be sure to enable Live export after submit to save all your leads automatically. Then click Save.

Leads collected from Picreel campaigns should now sync to their designated lists in Klaviyo.

Data Synced to Klaviyo

Picreel syncs email addresses to designated Klaviyo lists. To check that the sync is working, subscribe a new lead through your Picreel campaign. You should see this lead added to the list you selected during integration.

How to Use the Picreel Integration

Businesses use Picreel to collect leads. Select from Picreel popup forms, contests, and other list-growth formats. Here are examples of what you can do with Picreel data in Klaviyo:

Campaign using Picreel data

  1. Design a Picreel Wheel of fortune campaign to collect subscribers for your newsletter, offering instant savings as an incentive.
  2. The reward discount is instantly revealed.
  3. The lead's email address is added to a Klaviyo Newsletter list. The email address is synced from Picreel into Klaviyo via integration.
  4. Include subscribers in email campaigns for new product launches, seasonal campaigns, and special sales.

Flow using Picreel data

Run a Picreel campaign to add subscribers to a Klaviyo Giveaway list. This example features Picreel's Traffic redirect 1 campaign template. During integration, we designated Klaviyo's Giveaway the list that will be synced. When a subscriber is added to the Giveaway list, a Giveaway flow is triggered.

  1. Run a Picreel campaign to collect subscribers.
  2. Picreel leads are added to the Klaviyo Giveaway list via integration.
  3. Create a Giveaway flow which is triggered by leads being added to the Giveaway list.GiveawayFlow1.png
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