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Businesses use Privy to grow their email lists and capture customer data. You can leverage your Privy data within Klaviyo by integrating the two. While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Privy, you can still integrate your Privy account with Klaviyo. This is possible via an integration available through Privy.

The Privy + Klaviyo integration works by first connecting your Privy account with Klaviyo. This integration creates a one-way sync. Once the sync between Privy and Klaviyo is intact, you can then sync individual Privy Campaigns to Klaviyo.

Connect Privy to Klaviyo

First, head over to your Klaviyo account and generate a private API Key to use with Privy. Navigate to your Account Settings by clicking the account name at the upper right corner of your Klaviyo account. Then, in the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.

 Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Privy.

Log into your Privy account and navigate to the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select the Integrations option from the dropdown. 

Scroll down to select the Klaviyo icon.


Click Link Account to finish linking your Privy account to your Klaviyo account. 

Connect a Privy Campaign to a Klaviyo List

With your accounts linked, you can now configure a Privy Campaign to automatically sync emails and associated custom field data into Klaviyo.

In your Privy account, navigate to the Convert section and select the campaign you'd like to sync. Proceed to the Follow-up step of the campaign builder. Here you have the option to sync contacts collected by your Privy campaign to a Klaviyo list.

The selected campaign must include a form to sync contacts.

Click the Sync signups button and select Klaviyo from the dropdown menu. Configure the presented options, and click Save


This campaign's signups will now sync to Klaviyo. Click on the Sync signups button again to sync contacts to additional services or lists to Klaviyo.

For more information, head over to the Privy Support Center for Privy's instructions on syncing contacts to Klaviyo.

Matching Opt-In Settings

Opt-in settings should be compatible between Privy email syncs and Klaviyo lists.

  • If your list in Klaviyo is double opt-in, and the email sync with Privy is also double opt-in, no additional configuration is needed.
  • If your list in Klaviyo is single opt-in, and the email sync with Privy is also single opt-in, no additional configuration is needed
  • If your list in Klaviyo is double opt-in, and the email sync with Privy is single opt-in,  contact Klaviyo Support to request that your list in Klaviyo be set to single opt-in.

Tracking Privy Opt-Ins

Privy recommends that you sync a hidden field, such as $Source, along with a person's contact info whenever they opt-in via Privy form. This will allow you to track where your opt-ins are coming, create targeted segments, and gain additional insight via analytics. 
To create a hidden field in a Privy form, log into your Privy account and navigate to the Forms section.
From Forms you can create a Hidden Field or another custom variable (liquid or static) which will sync along with subscriber email addresses and other contact info entered into the Privy form.
For more information, view Privy's documentation on creating hidden fields and also mapping hidden fields. If you have questions about hidden fields in Privy forms, contact Privy customer support

Data Synced into Klaviyo

The Klaviyo + Privy integration supports the syncing of subscriber email addresses and associated profile data. Privy collects subscriber information through their sign-up forms. Data pulled in from Privy Campaign form fields is mapped to corresponding fields within Klaviyo.

These field names are supported in the integration:

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Title
  • Organization (or Organisation)
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Zip

So when a subscriber fills in the "Phone Number" field on your Privy form, that data is synced directly into Klaviyo's "Phone Number" property.

Custom profile data can also be synced into Klaviyo. Custom Privy fields are mapped to Klaviyo custom profile properties. For example, data from the custom Privy field "Product_preference" is mapped to a custom Klaviyo field named "Product_preference." In a Klaviyo profile, custom profile data can be found within the custom properties section.

How to Use the Privy Integration

You can design Privy forms to collect subscriber email addresses and additional custom information. Below are examples of how you can use your Privy data in Klaviyo.

Create a Campaign Using Privy Data

  1. Design a Privy form to collect subscribers for your newsletter. Subscribers can be prompted to input additional info such as name, birthday, and product preferences. 
  2. When a customer submits the form, their email address is added to your Klaviyo list. The email address is synced from Privy into Klaviyo via the integration.
  3. The customer's information is also added to their Klaviyo profile.
  4. Now, you can include your Privy subscribers in campaigns sent to this list. Since you've also captured specific product preferences, you can also use those product preferences to target customers. For example, you can create a focused product launch segment and include all your customers who have indicated an interest in scarves.
  5. You can now create a campaign which sends to your "New Scarf Launch" segment.

Create a Flow Using Privy Data

You can trigger a welcome series when new subscribers are added to your newsletter list. You can easily include Privy subscribers in your welcome series by making sure that Privy subscribers are added to the list that triggers the flow:

  1. Integrate a Privy Campaign with the list that triggers your welcome series.
  2. Your Privy subscribers will enter your welcome flow when they sign up.
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