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Sending rewards and referral program-related emails directly from Klaviyo makes it easier to manage your marketing drips, ensure that customers receive the right email at the right time, and better target customers based on their program status.
- Swell Rewards

While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Swell Rewards, it's possible to sync Swell events and customer data to Klaviyo using an integration offered by Swell. This article will walk you through this process. After completing the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be able to sync certain events and customer data from your Swell account to your Klaviyo account.

The instructions documented in this article are taken directly from Swell's how-to guide that you can find here.

Enable the Klaviyo Integration in Swell

First, navigate into the Settings section of your Swell account, and select Klaviyo from the dropdown menu in the Integrations box.

When you do so, you'll receive a prompt asking you for a key so Swell knows where to send your program data. Here, you will need to input your Public Klaviyo API Key which can be found by navigating to Account > Settings > API Keys.


After inputting your API Key, click the Add Integration button, and you're all set! The integration will show up in your list of integrations in Swell -- you won't see this integration appear in Klaviyo's Integrations tab, however.

Understand your Swell Data in Klaviyo

There are two types of information that Swell passes into Klaviyo:

  • Customer Properties: This is any pertinent Swell data about a customer (e.g. point balance, unique referral link, etc.); each time the value of a property updates in Swell, it will automatically update in Klaviyo as well
  • Events: These are one-time occurrences which you can use to trigger specific program-related emails; for example, a "Redemption Reminder" event, which you can use to trigger a reminder flow in Klaviyo  when somebody has enough points for a discount, but hasn't redeemed their points in a certain period of time

To see which events are syncing into Klaviyo from Swell, navigate to the Metrics tab of your account and look for events with a gear icon that reference your Swell program.

Review Swell's documentation for integrating with Klaviyo for customization options available within Swell.

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