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While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with Sumo, you can still integrate your Sumo account with Klaviyo. This is possible via an integration available through Sumo.

Before you get started, you must already have existing lists in your Klaviyo account that you are hoping to link up to Sumo.

The following instructions are taken from Sumo's guide to integrating with Klaviyo:

Generate a Klaviyo Private API Key

  1. Log into Klaviyo and in the top right-hand corner click on the dropdown menu for Account > Settings > API Keys
  2. Create a Private API Key by clicking on "Create API Key"
  3. Go back to the Settings > API Keys window
  4. Click on the Pencil icon to name your API Key and click "Save API Key"
  5. Highlight and copy this key

Connect Sumo to your Klaviyo Account

Log into Sumo on your website and open the Email App you need to connect with Klaviyo.

Next, click on Services (For Pro users, Services is located within your Campaign Tab).

Find and click on Klaviyo. Here, paste the API Key you copied from your Klaviyo account. Make sure there are no spaces before OR after it.

Click Connect. Choose the list you want your emails to push to and click Save.

Test your Sumo Integration

  1. Click on Test Settings within Sumo
  2. Enter an email address you want to test with and click OK
  3. Wait for the success window to popup
  4. Check Klaviyo to ensure it's written to the list you selected

Learn more about the Sumo integration by reading Integrating with Klaviyo.

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