How to insert an image into a text block

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Learn how to add an image in a text block in a Klaviyo email. While in most cases you should insert images into your email templates using image blocks, there might be some cases when you'd prefer to have text and an image within the same block.

Learn how to overlay text on top of an image in Klaviyo's new template editor. 

Host your image

Once you have your image sized and edited appropriately (using a photo editing tool of your choice),  upload the image to Klaviyo. 

  1. Navigate to the Brand Library (or Images & Brand)
  2. Click Upload Images
    The upload image button
  3. Click Browse
  4. Select an image (or images) to upload
  5. Click on the image you just uploaded
    A user hovers over an image button
  6. Highlight and copy the URL from the search bar at the top of your browser
    An image's URL is highlighted

If you ever then want to delete an image from your Klaviyo Brand Library:

  1. Locate the image you want to delete,
  2. Select the three-dot menu to the right of that image
  3. Click Delete
    The menu with the option to delete an image

Add an image in a text block

To add the image you uploaded to a text block in a Klaviyo email: 

  1. Open the email template editor 
  2. Click on the text block where you'd like to add the image
  3. Click the image icon
  4. Paste the URL from step 6 above into the Image URL field
  5. Optional: add alt text and set a height or width for the image
  6. Click Apply 

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