How to request a New Zealand short code

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Learn how to request a New Zealand short code in Klaviyo. 

Before you begin

Please note the following:

  • Short codes are the only SMS sending number available in New Zealand (NZ)
  • Short code applications take 5–6 weeks to complete
  • If approved, the short code can only send to New Zealand recipients; it cannot be used to send to people in any other country 

We also strongly recommend reviewing our NZ short code checklist so you know what information you need to provide. 

Until your short code is approved, you will not be able to do the following in New Zealand:

  • Collect SMS consent
  • Upload SMS consent
  • Send SMS messages

Request a New Zealand short code in Klaviyo

  1. Click your organization name in the bottom left corner
  2. Navigate to Settings > SMS
  3. Go to the Sending Information section
  4. In the line for New Zealand, click Activate
    SMS Sending Information section in settings
  5. Click Next
    Modal to request a New Zealand short code

  6. Open the Short Code Application link and fill out the request form (this form will also be emailed to the Owner’s email address)
    Modal to open the short code application with information on the process
  7. Click Exit

After you fill out the form, the Klaviyo Deliverability and Compliance (D&C) team will review it and then reach out to you. 

Note that the status for the short code will show as request incomplete until you complete the short code request form and Klaviyo’s D&C team has reviewed it. 

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