How to switch to Klaviyo's new email template editor

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Learn how to convert a classic template to Klaviyo’s new template editor. Template conversions are reversible, but any changes made in the new editor will be lost if you choose to revert to the classic editor. 

At this time, switching to the new template editor is done on a template-by-template basis. You can convert just one of your templates or all of them, depending on your interests and needs. 

Convert a classic template to the new editor 

To convert a classic template to the new editor: 

  1. Open the template you’d like to convert
  2. Click Switch to New Editor in the top-right corner
    The Switch to New Editor button in Klaviyo's classic editor

Your template conversion will begin, and after a few moments the template will open in Klaviyo’s new editor.

Review your template conversion 

Once your template has been converted, review it to ensure all settings are correct. The template should appear the same as in the prior editor in both desktop and mobile views. 

Revert a template to the classic editor

If you revert to the classic editor after making changes in the new editor, those changes will be lost. Reverting to the classic editor will open the last saved version of your template from the classic editor, before you converted the template to the new editor. 

Revert to the classic editor only if absolutely necessary. If you would like to revert a template to the classic editor: 

  1. Open the dropdown under Save and Return to Templates
  2. Click Revert to Classic Editor
    The Revert to Classic Editor button in Klaviyo's new template editor
  3. (Optional) Provide feedback about your experience with the new editor in the feedback modal
    • Your feedback helps Klaviyo make ongoing improvements to the new template editor
  4. Click Revert to Classic Editor to revert your template

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