Understanding the Metric Service Switchover and Profile Properties Updates

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On the week of October 18, 2021, Klaviyo will migrate to a new database, which means that we will recompute some of your historical statistics. This change will not impact any core functionality, but some historical data may be modified.

Below, we’ve outlined how these changes may impact your reporting and data inside Klaviyo, particularly around your profile property metrics.

About Profile Properties

Profile properties, including custom properties, can be updated or removed at any time depending on the mechanisms in place to change them. For example, you may tag people with a custom property when they enter your welcome series (e.g., “welcome series = true”). Then, when they exit the flow, you remove the tag. In this way, profile properties are transient, meaning they can change at any point in time. The same is true of other common custom properties, like Accepts Marketing.

If you click into a profile or search for one directly in the search bar at the top of your page in your Profiles tab, you will see the profile properties attributed to that subscriber.

Example inside a profile with the applicable property information about a user including custom properties, how they found you, and recent events


Profile Properties Updates

As noted above, during the week of October 18th, we will recompute some of your historical data. During this recalculation, we cannot reference any historic profile property values that were previously aggregated. Thus, all profile property aggregations for non-conversion events (e.g., opens, clicks, etc.) and conversion events (e.g., opened and then placed order) will reflect a particular profile's current property values for historical analytics.

However, from the week of October 18th and onward, all analytics will reflect profile property values at the time that each event occurs. 

Areas in the product that you may see impacted include:

  • The Analytics Dashboard

Inside the analytics dashboard showing a profile property for a user who was pregnant and the property changed

  • Metrics within Analytics > Metrics that are filtered by a particular attribute

Inside the Metrics Report section showing a report for profile properties over time

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