How to Migrate from a Long Number to a Toll-Free Number

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If you are currently sending from one or more long numbers and expect to ramp up your volume, you may want to switch to a toll-free number instead. This is a great option if you have noticed high carrier filtering rates sending from a long number. Toll-free numbers have an area code starting with 8XX and are designed for high-throughput text messaging. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to transition from long codes to a toll-free number.

Whenever you change sending numbers, it is a best practice to let your subscribers know that they’ll soon receive messages from a different phone number. We recommend sending a final campaign to your existing subscribers to alert them of the upcoming change.

Add a Toll-Free Number to Your Account

Navigate to Account > Settings > SMS. Under the Sending Numbers section, add a toll-free number to your account by clicking the Additional Numbers dropdown and then Request additional numbers.


You can only have one toll-free number per account.

For additional details on how Klaviyo bills for SMS and MMS, check out this article on SMS billing.

Get Your Number Verified 

Submit a request for your toll-free number to be verified. While this step is optional, it is a best practice for improving your SMS deliverability. Verified numbers are subject to less carrier filtering and thus get better delivery rates. You can view our verification form here. Note that the verification process can take around 10–15x days. The Klaviyo Mobile team ( will reach out with confirmation that your toll-free number has been verified.

Additionally, this form allows you to request expanded throughput, if needed.

Update Forms and Templates to Include Your New Number

If you have any click-to-text forms or banners in your email templates that show your previous long number, update these to your new toll-free number. 

In addition, check if you need to add in this number in any other customer-facing resource, such as on your website, terms of service, privacy policy, etc. 

Release Your Long Numbers

Once your number verification is complete, you’re ready to send from your toll-free number. You’ll want to release every long number in your account so that you are no longer charged for those and they are not used to send SMS messages.

Release long numbers by going into your Account and then clicking Settings > SMS. Find the number you want to release and then click the action dropdown (the three vertical dots) on the right-hand side. From this dropdown, click Release Number.


All messages will be sent from your single toll-free number moving forward.

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