How to Get a Toll-Free Number Verified

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With Klaviyo, you can verify one toll-free number, making it a trusted sending number for carriers. This in turn helps your SMS deliverability, increasing the number of messages that get delivered to your subscribers.

It will typically take 10–15 business days to be reviewed by the SMS Team and, if applicable, approved. In this article, we show you where to complete the form, what questions appear, and how to submit this request.

Being Approved for Verification

You can only have one toll-free number per account. Further, not all toll-free numbers will be approved for verification. Any sender who seems to go against TCPA or CTIA guidelines will not be verified. In addition, it’s important to follow SMS best practices, including:

You should also avoid inappropriate and illegal content (e.g., SHAFT), high-risk financial services (loans, debt forgiveness, and credit repair), and deceptive marketing practices. These practices are frowned upon and will decrease your chances of having your toll-free number verified.

For more information on what to include (or not include) in your messages, check out this Guide to Writing SMS and MMS Copy.

Fill Out the Toll-Free Number Verification Form

To begin the process, you need to answer all of the questions in the verification form linked here. If you skip or leave any blank, keep in mind that the form will not be processed. 

Once we receive the form, it will take approximately 10–15 business days for the number to be approved. Our team will email you to confirm this is complete. In the meantime, you can continue sending SMS messages from your unverified toll-free number and/or long code(s).

Additional Resources

Learn more about carrier filtering and different sending numbers: 

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