Understanding email campaign schedule and send options

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Learn what sending options are available for campaigns and how you can use them. When you go to schedule or send a campaign, you can choose to determine recipients at send time, send according to the recipient's local time, or send the campaign in batches. 

Determine recipients at send time

Note that this option is only available for email campaigns, and it cannot be used when you choose to send based on each recipient's time zone. However, it is available for Smart Send Time. 

The option to determine recipients at send time does the following: Klaviyo will take a new snapshot of your target list or segment right before the scheduled campaign sends. This ensures that everyone who is added/removed from the list or segment between the scheduling and send time correctly receives or does not receive the email.

To determine recipients at send time, select a time and timezone when you would like your email to send. If there are no locations set for a profile, it will take the account's timezone. Next, check the box to determine recipients at send time.

Deliver message according to recipients' timezones 

If enabled, this option will send your email campaign to each recipient based on their timezone. If Klaviyo is not sure of a recipient's timezone, campaign will send based on the timezone you select at the account level. If the scheduled send time has already passed in a recipient's timezone, you can choose one of two options: either send the campaign to those recipients immediately or wait until the scheduled time on the following day to send to those recipients. If you choose to send immediately, you cannot change the send time after you schedule the campaign. Also, note that you cannot send according to timezone if you're A/B testing the campaign.

When you choose to send based on each recipient's timezone, you cannot also determine recipients at send time, meaning that no new recipients will be added to the campaign after you click Schedule.

Batch sending

If you would like to split your email send into smaller batches and send over a length of time, you can use batch sending. This can be useful if you are worried that the email might drive a huge influx of traffic to your website that you're unprepared to handle. You cannot use batch sending if you're A/B testing the campaign.

To do this, select the Gradual send over several hours option and edit the campaign sending as you see fit. When you're done, select Schedule.

Using the batch sending option for a campaign

When using batch sending, keep in mind that the campaign will only go to those in the list or segment at the time of scheduling; it will not add any profiles who join the list or segment after you click Schedule but before the campaign sends — even if the scheduled send time is a week in advance.

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