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The Lists and Segments Dashboard gives you an overview of your acquisition performance for all of your key customer groups. Use this dashboard to check performance and identify any key lists or segments that need further analysis.

This dashboard will help you answer questions like:

  • How many subscribers were added to my main list today?
  • How many profiles were added to a key segment (e.g., became repeat customers, VIPs, etc.) over the last week?

In this article, you will learn how to access and understand the data within the Lists and Segments Dashboard.

Access The Lists and Segments Dashboard

To navigate to your Lists and Segments Dashboard, click Dashboard > Lists and Segments.

Here, you'll see all of the lists and segments that you've starred (i.e., marked as key to your account). Below the list or segment name, you will see the date and timestamp of its creation. Next to each list and segment is information around total membership as well as how many new members were recently added. To navigate into one of your starred lists or segments, click the name of that list or segment.


To create a new list or segment, choose Create List / Segment.

Add or Remove Lists and Segments from Your Dashboard

You can change which lists and segments appear on your List and Segments Dashboard by starring them. To star a list or segment, you must first navigate to your main Lists & Segments tab. To do so, select click here. Alternatively, you can click your account's Lists & Segments tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Once in the Lists & Segments tab, you will see a small star icon to the right of each list and segment. Click the star icon to mark a group as important and add it to your dashboard. If you no longer want a group to display on your dashboard, simply click the star again to unmark it.


When you return to Dashboard > Lists and Segments, your newly starred list or segment will appear.

Understanding Your List and Segment Member Data

To the right of each list or segment name is information around total membership as well as how many profiles were recently added.


The three columns around the members of your starred lists and segments are:

  • Members: The total number of members in this list or segment.
  • Added Today: The number of members added to this list or segment today.
  • Added This Week: The number of members added to this list or segment this week. A week, in this case, runs from Monday to Sunday.

To the right of your list and segment membership information is a View List dropdown. To navigate into this specific list or segment, click View List.

If you instead wish to edit the list or segment, select the arrow next to View List to produce a dropdown. Then, click Edit List.


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