Understanding Text Block Settings in a Signup Form

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The text in your Klaviyo signup form is crucial to provide information to your shoppers. This is where you can configure text content for your form, including a headline, instructions, or other display text. In this article, we’ll run through the different settings for your text blocks.

Like all of your communication, you want your text to serve a purpose — your text should be succinct and in line with your brand’s voice and tone. For information on building your brand’s voice, head to our article on Guide to Building a Brand Voice.

Text Block

When designing your signup form, you will set most of the look and feel for your form within Styles. If, for instance, you want to build a form that has a different color and size font from the rest of your form, like below, you can use settings within the text block.


When editing a text block, there are several elements you can change to divert from the settings of the Styles tab. This includes:

  • Font
    Specify font color, text alignment, font family, and font size if you'd like to override the overall form styles. Learn how to use a custom font in your signup form
  • Font weight
    Choose whether your text is bold, italic, underlined, or all three.
  • Lists
    Choose whether or not you'd like to include a bulleted or numbered list.
  • Text links
    Include a link as a text link rather than a button.

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