FAQ: How is $timezone added to profiles in Klaviyo?

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How is $timezone added to profiles in Klaviyo?

The timezone property ($timezone) in Klaviyo is automatically appended to profiles based on the addresses listed in your account. You may have manually added location information to profiles, or it may have been automatically recorded via the profile’s billing address or IP location. Thus, you do not need to insert this property into a CSV file when uploading addresses for it to appear in profiles.

If Klaviyo is unable to register the location of a profile, then the profile’s timezone will reflect the timezone listed at the account level. So, if your account is EST, then we assume you’ve uploaded EST data in your import.

For more information on properties, head to our Guide to Profile Properties. For information pertaining to setting a profile’s location, check out our article, When and How Klaviyo Sets a Profiles Location

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