On-Demand Training: Getting Started with Klaviyo SMS

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This recording is a quick overview of everything you need to go before you send your first SMS flows in Klaviyo.

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This session covers how to configure your account and integrations. We dig into the following topics:

  • Setup and profiles
  • Developing your SMS strategy 
  • Best practice recommendations in segments and flows
  • Sending SMS in flows
  • Benchmarks

Note that Klaviyo SMS is only available in certain countries. Read this article to find out where you can use Klaviyo SMS



Use the following resources to learn more about the concepts covered in this webinar. 

  • Setup (5 minutes)
    • Set up SMS messaging in your Account Settings.
    • Choose your SMS number. By default, Klaviyo assigns you one number, free of charge. If you are interested in a vanity code, toll-free number, or shortcode, you can learn more here.
    • Configure your Smart Sending and conversion windows (optional).
    • Configure your automatic refill settings


Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

What happens when someone calls my SMS number?

If you're using a long number to send SMS messages in your account and someone calls that number, they will receive an error that will differ depending on their mobile carrier. They may hear a busy signal, a message that states the number is not available, or another message.  

What happens when a customer responds back to my SMS?

As of right now, when a customer responds to one of your SMS messages, this response will register under the Sent SMS metric. This will show in their profile with the response the customer has sent. Click on the timestamp to view additional details about the message.

Our feature roadmap includes a built-in SMS inbox, where you will be able to see all incoming SMS messages in one place. For now, you can view all Sent SMS events under Metrics: Sent SMS

Can I add images to my SMS messages?

Yes, you can add images (and GIFs) to SMS messages through Klaviyo. For more details, read MMS Image and GIF Best Practices.

Why don't my successful deliveries and failed deliveries for SMS add up to 100%?

The successful deliveries for SMS can take up to a few hours to render. If you’re seeing a discrepancy in the sum of your successful deliveries and failed deliveries, this may just be the analytics catching up. You can read more about this in Review Flow Analytics. If this issue does not resolve after 24 hours, please reach out to Klaviyo support. 

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