Klaviyo LIVE 2020 Webinar - LA + Atlanta

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This webinar is from a 2020 Klaviyo LIVE event. For up-to-date information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.


In this webinar, we ran through ideas from Klaviyo LIVE LA and ATL and highlighted some next steps to owning your growth.



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Can you use an integration like Yotpo to build out the product review flow?

Yes! Head to our section on Loyalty and Review Integrations to see which integrations we have built-in to Klaviyo. 

What is the cost of SMS again?

Head to our article on How Klaviyo Bills Customers for SMS for a deep dive into SMS billing. 

Is list cleaning just creating a segment of unengaged emails or actually deleting emails?

List cleaning is the process of identifying unengaged subscribers and suppressing them. For more information on list cleaning, head to our article on List Cleaning.

Have you guys seen open rates go up across the board right now during COVID? Ours seem to be up.

Some brands have definitely seen an increase in open rates. Be on the lookout for our daily polls and insights to gather more information on how COVID19 is impacting customers across the board.

What kind of cool ways can we use Predictive Analytics?

There are many different ways you can utilize our predictive analytics features. Head to our articles on Best Practices for Using Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Data and Best Practices for Expected Date of Next Order to learn a few!

With the predictive data, how does this work with subscription? 

Because expected date of next order is created based on your business data and individual shopping data, it will notice different patterns for customers who are subscription buyers vs those who are a la carte shoppers. To gather more information on how we calculate someone's expected date of next order, check out our article on Guide to Klaviyo's Predictive Analytics.

Is there a way to build out customer cohorts in Klaviyo?

Yes, you can build metrics level cohorts. For more information, check out our article on Managing Metrics.

Are there any industry marks for the popup forms?

Most successful forms have between a 1 and 3% Form Submit Rate, but extremely high performing forms can have up to a 6.5% Form Submit Rate. Head to our article on Review Signup Form Analytics for more information.

Any updates about MMS rollout?

Be on the lookout, MMS rollout is happening in the near future!

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